Insiders News
  1. PG National Rocks The Gym With Win OVER IMG
  2. HS National Pulls Out Win Against Top SIAA Rock School
  3. HS Regional Pulls Away In Second Half Against Duval Charter
  4. DME PG Blue Excel Past Ridgeview Prep
  5. DME Girls Extend Win Streak To 3


  • Option 1: $1,999 FOR 1 MONTH
  • Option 2: $4,999 FOR MONTHS
  • Option 3: $8,999 FOR 6 MONTHS
  • Option 4: $12,999 FOR 10 MONTHS

Scholarships: Available 


  • Dan Panaggio – Former NBA & NCAA Coach and 2 Times NBA Champion with Lakers (2009, 2010)
  • Lance Blanks – Former NBA Executive (Suns, Cavs and Spurs)
  • Mike Panaggio – Successful entrepreneur and the co – owner of DME Academy
  • Wesam Al Sous – Former FIBA World Championship participant (Turkey, 2010)
  • Jim Tribbett – USA College and High School Veteran Coach
  • Daniel Mandragon – Former University Team Captain and High School Coach
  • Momir Gajic – Former NBA Scout and NCAA Coach (University of Rhode Island)
  • NBA guests
  • NCAA Coaches visiting DME Academy


  • Housing
  • Meals (3 Meals Per Day)
  • Transportation
  • Tools and equipment
  • Coaching Access to more than 100 basketball players from 5 – 21 years old
  • Caching Access to Premium Facilities
  • Team / Season Activities
  • Coaching Development Sessions
  • Meeting College Coaches
  • Visiting College Teams
  • Watching College and NBA Games
  • Access to DME Academy Coaching Database (and personal contacts) 
  • Optional – Receive USA Coaching Certificate
  • Optional – Receive Florida Officials License


Dan Panaggio

Co-owner and Director of Basketball Operations for DME Academy

Mike Panaggio

Co-Owner & President of DME Sports

Lance Blanks

CEO & Managing Partner

Momir Gajic

Director of Global Marketing & Sales for DME Academy

Wesam Al Sous

Head Coach of DME Blue Post Grad Team

Jim Tribbett

USA College and High School Veteran Coach

Daniel Mondragon

Head Basketball High School Coach & Director of Player Development


  • How to plan and conduct team and individual practices
  • How to teach fundamentals. Footwork – Passing – Dribbling – Defense – Shooting. 
  • How evaluate and analysis team and individual performances
  • How to be effective Head Coach
  • How to prepare for the games
  • How to react in variety of game situations
  • How to scout the opponent


  • How to organize recruiting for your team
  • How to negotiate with parents and coaches
  • How to build the relationships in the recruiting market
  • How to interview prospects and determine if they fit your philosophy and program


  • How to market yourself as a coach, includes business cards, playing card philosophy and personal web site
  • How to interview effectively for the career opportunity 


  • How to train athletes for speed and agility, strength and conditioning
  • How to measure and take a full line of assessments 


  • The secrets of being a great assistant
  • How to promote yourself to the next level
  • How important is the body language for coaches as well
  • How to organize game operations (stats, clock, score table, referees, etc)
  • How to shoot, edit and review the game or practice film
  • How to teach a class in a classroom 
  • Post Grad and Academy sports business


  • Team practice preparations and activities
  • Individual practice preparations and activities
  • Game travel activities
  • Season Games preparations and activities
  • Video Breakdown preparations
  • Housing supervision
  • Athlete Transport supervision
  • Recruiting activities


  • Student – Visa (F1)
  • Tourist Visa (B-1/B-2)
  • OPT (Optional Practical Training)


  • DME Post Grad Blue Team (Boys Basketball)
  • DME Post Grad White Team (Boys Basketball)
  • DME Post Grad Orange Team (Boys Basketball)
  • DME High School National Team (Boys Basketball)
  • Warner Christian National Team (Boys Basketball)
  • Warner Christian Varsity Team (Boys Basketball)
  • DME High School National Team (Girls Basketball) – in development phase


  • DME Post Grad Program: September 1st, 2017 – April 15th, 2018
  • DME High School Program: August 12, 2017 – May 21st, 2018
  • NBA Pre – Draft Training: April – June, 2018
  • DME Summer Academy: June 15th – July 31st, 2018
  • International Showcases: Projected at least 6 events between September, 2017 – July, 2018
  • DME Summer Camps: April – August, 2018
  • DME Elite Youth Program: September, 2017 – August 2018
  • DME AAU Travel Program: April – August, 2018

This is the chance if you really want to learn from some of the best individuals in game of basketball.

Dan Panaggio

Co-owner and Director of Basketball Operations for DME Academy